after you’ve been through like a string of fandoms and you’ve decided your favourite character/s for each one, there will come a day when you will list all your faves from each fandom side by side and look at them carefully and realise

you have a type


Two new pieces up on my society6 site! I plan on putting these in my zine as well.   Chibis is a direct quote from the show, whereas Makotos was a line I saw on a Meme somewhere; both fit perfectly :P

These ladies are here to kick ass and eat sweets!

Embroidered brooches by cOnieco


Adventurer Profile: Finn

Holla to all my Valkyrie Profile fans out there!

omg valkyrie profile is sucha pretty game omg


omg leaxi how can u be such a cutie how do u do it?

idk camilo i think ur rubbing off on me

how can i keep up my cold & rude demeanor if ur always making me into a nice person??? wtf???

no omg im sorry leaxi uwu i will be super cold to u so u can be whoever u want to be :3c